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Onsite Training Services for End Users

Our in depth training programs are designed to enable the attendee to competently manage, program, configure and operate the Kantech system. They include extensive hands-on time with the product.

Onsite Training Services for Integrator

Certification training Integrator’s technical staff with the necessary skills to configure, install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair to a level that will meet or exceed their expectations. Most courses are a combination of lecture and lab instructions with emphasis on hand-on lab activities. Operational up-to-date system hardware simulates actual customer environment wherever practical.

– Kantech Corporate Certification : ACKT-CORP

– Kantech Global Certification :ACKT-GLB


A complete set of product specifications, manuals, and a certificate of completion ( End-user ) / Certification : Integrator are given to each participant. All trainings are offered at our regular venues in these languages: English, French, and Spanish.

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