Rates & Terms

Our Mission, to empower you so that you can handle your project yourself,

If you short on time, see below our hourly rate


Rates & Terms


Just 2 rules

  • # 1 : we only work with Integrator
  • # 2 : We work only prepaid


If you are an end user, please contact your installer and have them contact us.


Hourly rates are based on the type of Service needed.







High-level programming, planning,
and layout for projects. Server Build & Rebuild and all troubleshooting.
Also includes all remote system maintenance etc.



Training thru webinar
Project design – General programming.



  • Onsite Training $100/hr + expenses
  • Corporate certification : 2 days : $1500 + expenses





All customers are required to pay a New Customer 2 hrs Retainer. This fee is applied to the hourly billing. So for example the first time you sign up for consulting, you would pay $300. If you used $400 of services in the first billing period, after applying your retainer your total at the end of that billing period would be $100. After the intial retainer new customers will be given “Due Upon Receipt” terms..

We bill in quarter-hour increments. Minimum charge for support will be .25 hours at the prescribed service level rate.

On large projects we ask for a percentage up front and a will require a fee to produce a detailed spec/estimate.

ALL HOURS ARE BILLABLE. Consulting support is our business. Please recognize that although a short phone call or email with “just one question” may seem trivial to the person generating the question, when we receive several of these requests throughout the day, some of which require research, our time can be consumed quite quickly. Unlike product sales, which depend on potentially large inventories, we only have a finite number of hours available in each day to generate revenue. So please understand that to stay in business, we need to bill for all support.

Thank you very much.